Building confidence in sustainable supply chains

Bioledger is your tool for the traceability of sustainable biofuels in compliance with the US and EU regulations. Join us as we develop simpler and safer sustainable supply chains.

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Insurance Coverage


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We track sustainable biofuels from origin to consumer

Whether you are a farmer, waste collector, trader or biofuel producer, in Ireland, United States, Ghana or China, Bioledger supports biofuel traceability and compliance at every link in the supply chain. Here's how we can help.

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EU compliance

Ditch the spreadsheets and paper in favor of the only mass balance software connected to the European Commission’s Union Database for Biofuels. Bioledger automates complex processes, making them safer and faster, while remaining fully compliant with EU requirements.

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Collectors app

If we don’t digitize the processes at the point of origin, we can’t hope for easy traceability down the line. The Bioledger mobile app ensures faster and more secure recording of evidence for first collectors, while helping farmers, drivers, and waste companies do their job more effectively.

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US traceability

Anonymously store, track, validate, and aggregate evidence of food waste collection to prove compliance with EPA requirements and protect your sourcing information at the same time, using Bioledger’s Independent Record Keeper.

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Expert support

Navigating the intricate world of compliance can be difficult, and transitioning from traditional paper and spreadsheet methods is no easy task. Our team of seasoned professionals are here to advise and support you at every step of the way.

Trust is the reason we’re all here

We trust that all individuals within the biofuels industry share a common aspiration: to contribute to a greener, more sustainable future for all of us. However, with growing demand, complexity, and scale of operations, this shared trust has faced its fair share of challenges. The need for impartial traceability, transparency, and trust in compliance has become more obvious than ever.

Bioledger’s founder and CEO, Patrick Lynch, understands as well as anyone. Having spent ten years delivering the international supply chain compliance program for Greenergy and working with farmers, collectors, and producers in over 50 countries, he understands the hard work, investment, and financial value associated with each Proof of Sustainability document that is passed through the supply chain. That’s how Bioledger was born.

For the system to be trusted, it needed to be designed for the users, by the users. To do that, the whole supply chain – from farmers to energy corporations – have been involved in its creation. This way, Bioledger makes it easy to participate at every level, at the same time ensuring visibility and compliance with prevailing regulations.

As a company, we’re deeply ingrained in the industry, working closely with all its stakeholders and actively shaping its future. Thanks to our background and experience, we understand the regulatory requirements companies face, the business needs individuals have to meet, and the environmental stakes that are at play. This positions us as the only service provider that will help you digitize biofuel sustainability from start to finish, down to each renewable litre and kilogram of CO2 saved.

Supported by

Automated mass balance software

Replaces paper receipts and complex spreadsheets
Compliant with RED II and voluntary certification schemes
First and only service provider connected to UDB
UDB access point that can be integrated with 3rd party software
BioLedger web app - "Stock" view
BioLedger web app - "Dashboard" view

Compliance tool for EPA traceability

Ensures traceability across complex global supply chains
Compliant with EPA Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) regulations
Captures, validates, and stores separated food waste collection data
Presents anonymized data on dashboards for auditors

Ready for more sustainable operations?

Tell us about your challenges with sustainable supply chains and our experts will show you how Bioledger can fix them.

Mobile application for first collectors

Captures and stores evidence to demonstrate waste collection to auditors
Shows anonymized, validated data to aggregators and biofuel producers
Allows for 3-way communication between administrators, drivers, and restaurants
BioLedger mobile app - "Route details" view
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Extensive support services

Onboarding and compliance
Technical and customer support
Training portal
Data management and security
Continuous improvement

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