RSB Blockchain Pilot 2020

Blockchain database for sustainable biofuels – RSB pilot project 2020

The creation of this portal was possible thanks to a grant from the ISEAL Innovations Fund, which is supported by:

step 1

Drivers collecting Used Cooking Oil - Capture evidence that a driver has performed and recorded a compliant collection of sustainable biofuel feedstock from a Point of Origin. This is the only way to generate a blockchain consignment within the system.

step 2

At the end of their collection route a Driver submits all of their collected blockchain consignments to their First Collector Administrator Account. Collected volumes of the same feedstock are aggregated into blockchain “Wallets”. Ownership of the wallets changes from Driver to Administrator who can now view summaries of all wallets they own and drill into the details of each collection.

step 3

Administrators can aggregate Wallets into larger Consignments. Consignments of like products can be aggregated, split and transferred as a sale to a Customer in the database. As the ownership of those consignments changes, they are removed from the Seller’s account and credited to the Buyer’s account.

step 4

Auditors & Regulators can view the entire history of all transactions in the system to protect against non-compliances and fraud. A copy of the blockchain distributed ledger is held identically and simultaneously by at least two regulating Nodes (currently Bioledger & RSB). This means no changes to data can happen without compliance with the system logic and visibility of the Nodes.