Our mission

Make sustainability compliance simple, secure and transparent.

Our Strategy

Our software will reduce the risk of fraud, make compliance simpler and audits more efficient, protect commercially confidential supply chain data while providing additional transparency to the agencies, which police fraud in the supply chain.

The Bioledger blockchain database is intended to meet the demand for a single European biofuels database as expressed by the European Commission (RED II 2018/2001 Art 28) and the European Biofuels Database Stakeholder Group, which gathered representatives of the European supply chain following fraud investigations relating to sustainably certified biodiesel throughout 2019. We’re designing the system in a way that is useful to your business, protecting your interests and integrating easily with your normal business operations. We offer a blank slate to build systems that suit your operations and requirements.

A message from our founder

Patrick Lynch
CEO BioLedger

The company was formed in 2019, borne out of intensive discussions between Government and Industry on the issue of counterfeit claims of biofuel sustainability. Bioledger was founded by Patrick Lynch who spent the previous ten years delivering the international supply chain compliance programme for Greenergy, the UK’s largest biofuel blender and Europe’s biggest producer of waste based biodiesel. Having worked with suppliers to prove the environmental characteristics of all types of biofuels from over 50 countries we understand the hard work, investment and financial value associated with each Proof of Sustainability Document that is passed through the supply chain. Patrick led Greenergy’s innovative role in the development of new standards, including the first Voluntary Scheme approved by the European Commission for RED compliance and the first audit protocol for used cooking oil. He worked on a daily basis with used cooking oil collectors, biofuel technology developers and farmers to help them understand and build data reporting systems to comply with the market regulations in Europe.

Roundtable on sustainable biomaterials - pilot project 2020

In partnership with the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) and Oracle, with funding support from the ISEAL Alliance, Bioledger is building a prototype blockchain database to be used to record all transfers of certified sustainable biofuel between collectors, producers, traders and consumers into the European RED/REDII regulated markets. The prototype is being tested by Greenergy, Olleco, Rexon Energy, Van Wijk & Olthuis and Valley Proteins with feedback being published by RSB and ISEAL in June 2020. In addition to testing the value of blockchain technology, the pilot project aims to analyse the preferred technical and governance specifications of all the interdependent stakeholders.

RSB | Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials

RSB are rated as the most robust Voluntary Scheme approved by the European Commission for sustainable biofuels compliance. Their Standard is built on the pillars of equitable and diligent Governance structures, which we intend to integrate into Bioledger. We work with Oracle as one of the world’s most trusted providers of secure data systems.


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